Luxury Honeymoon in Goa for Romantic Couple

The very first choice for the newly weds is to go for a luxury honeymoon in Goa. This beach paradise is one of the most visited places in India. Moreover, this tropical heaven is acknowledged globally, and most of the couples enjoy their luxury honeymoon in Goa. Also, this place is blessed with amazing natural beauty, and coastal beaches make this place most favorite place for couples to enjoy their luxury honeymoon in Goa.

best beaches in goa for couples

Best beaches in goa for couples

Although, it is a small state which is situated at the shore of Konkan coast but, it is also one of the very well organized tourist places. In addition, the magical beaches of this place cast a romantic spell which makes it a hot spot for a luxury honeymoon in Goa. Moreover, beautifully lined coconut trees and dazzling sands on the beach are offering a wondrous opportunity to enjoy intimate time of a luxury honeymoon in Goa. This place can certainly give a sparkling memory to your married life.

Panaji is one of the top tourist places of Goa. In addition, the beautiful Panaji is also the capital of Goa. It is an old city situated near banks of Mandovi River. This place is the gateway to other parts of the magnificent Goa. Moreover, old buildings, and homes built in gothic style makes the couple to feel like they are romancing in medieval Portuguese style, which makes this place a most preferred destination for a luxury honeymoon in Goa.

Beaches are one of the most important destinations for those who want to enjoy their luxury honeymoon in Goa by plunging into water. In addition, the shacks for massages, restaurants and luxurious sea-facing resorts are an additional advantage for the couples to enjoy a luxury honeymoon in Goa. Firstly, the beautiful Calangute beach is also called as queen of India because it is stretched for 7 kilometers. Secondly, the Anjuna is a ramble centre for the beach lovers. Additionally, it has many eating joints and bars which makes it a real lively place. Thirdly, the Dona Paula beach is 7 kilometers from Panaji, and one of the best place to relax and sunbath in daytime and enjoys partying in night time; a wonderful combination which will make the luxury honeymoon in Goa a real sparkle in the eyes of couples for years. Others include Colva beach near Margo, Arambol beach, Miramar beach and Agonda beach.

The Goa also offers a wonderful combination of natural beauty of jungle and wildlife which may interest couples to enjoy their luxury honeymoon in Goa, in Tarzan and Jane style. Firstly, the Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary is the largest wildlife preserve of this small state, and it is spread in 240 square kilometers. Moreover, this sanctuary has most beautiful evergreen forest and dense green trees embracing the sanctuary. Secondly, visiting Molem National park is a great experience because one can see the marvelous herds of deer and bison running around. In addition, this national park contains various variety of wildlife, for example giant squirrels, monkeys, pythons, cobras and black panthers. Thirdly, the beautiful waterfall Dudhsagar falls is really a sea of milk, and water falling from hundreds feet makes this waterfall one of the most picturesque natural place, and a most wonderful place to enjoy a luxury honeymoon in Goa.
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