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New Year Holiday Plan

What is the plan for New Year ? what is your New year Resolution.


How you will spend the 31st Night ?

Great places to spend New Year’s Eve

 these destinations around the world have a well-deserved reputation for traditionally throwing a great New Year’s Eve shindig.

So let the countdown begin. Here are 10 great places where you can travel for a New Year’s Eve you’ll never forget:

Friends, family, or your better half, whoever you’re planning to celebrate, this list of best places to celebrate new year in India will help you freeze on a destination in a snap!

Hong Kong

Admittedly, New Year’s Eve isn’t the epitome of Hong Kong’s fireworks blowouts (both Chinese New Year and National Day see larger displays), but the show over Victoria Harbour is anything but meager, with synchronized fireworks visible from nearly anywhere in the city.


A nightlong street party amps up the massive crowds, and “shooting stars” begin at 11 pm, marking the final hour with rooftop launches every 15 minutes until the main event at midnight.  Stake out a spot along the harbor as close to your accommodation as possible because you’ll definitely want to walk home from this bash. Taxis and public transportation are swamped after midnight, and traffic is intense.

New year Celebration



More people attend New Year’s Eve in Sydney Harbour than in Times Square, and for good reason: the Sydney fireworks may be the most admired and beloved display worldwide. Fireworks launch from the Opera House, nearby buildings, barges on the water, and from Harbour Bridge. The 12-minute display (a minute for each month of the year) uses nearly all parts of the bridge, and includes two special events that have become hallmarks of the Sydney show: the waterfall, a shower of 1,100 candle-fireworks streaming from the bridge to the water below; and the “bridge effect,” a pyrotechnic element with a different design each year, relating to the theme of the celebration.



New Year Celebration in Sydney


There aren’t many places on Earth to witness more (manmade) spectacle than Dubai, and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to take it in. Explosive fireworks around the city are visible from public spaces, but the best views come from the decadent parties held in the city’s towering skyscrapers, especially the world’s tallest, the Burj Khalifa, where parties rage on the 122nd floor. Dubai was once the world record holder for the largest fireworks display ever, launched on New Year’s Eve 2013, before the Philippines unseated the city in 2016. Dubai loves records, so watch for the city to take back the title someday.

New year Celebration

Christmas Islands

Christmas Islands may have a stronger connection to another holiday (they were named by Captain Cook when he came across the islands on Christmas of 1777), and are more of a relaxing, natural destination than a party place, but the islands hold a very special place in New Year’s tradition: They’re in the first time zone to reach midnight. A few parties can be found at hotels across the islands, especially in the most populated island of Gilberts, but this is a spot to visit for New Year’s Eve bragging rights more than anything else. You can’t visit the last places to see midnight (Baker Island and Howland Island, US unincorporated territories about halfway between Hawaii and Australia, are only accessible by special permit, usually for researchers), so Christmas Islands are your only option for setting a time record of this kind.

Cape Town

Fondly known as South Africa’s “Mother City,” Cape Town is a favorite destination for countless travelers to the continent, and New Year’s Eve is an ideal time to check out the diverse cultural offerings of this scenic city for free. Throughout the famous V&A waterfront area, pop-up performances ranging from opera solos to dance ensembles entertain throughout the evening, with free entertainment all tied to the annual theme. Table Mountain is as an inspiring scene under midnight fireworks, and Cape Town may be the safest major hub you can tote tots to: The city hands out free location-assist bracelets for you and any little ones you may be celebrating with.


If you’re looking for fireworks and all-night parties, head to Yokohama just across Tokyo Bay. Though not technically part of the city proper, it’s part of Greater Tokyo and, with nearly four million citizens of its own, there’s plenty of action as it’s one of the only regions that celebrates this holiday in Western fashion. Elsewhere in Tokyo, take an alternative approach to New Year’s Eve and visit one of the many temples for the ringing of the bell. At midnight, a monk will ring the temple bell 108 times to cleanse you from your 108 worldly desires and send you into the new year as pure as possible. Crowds form early for this annual tradition, so arrive before 10.

New year evening in Tokyo

Madeira Islands Portugal

This magnificent scenario, of rare beauty, is simply unique, with thousands of multi-coloured lamps decorating the amphitheater of Funchal, transforming it into a grandiose stage. As the clock strikes twelve, on the 31st, the sky is lit up with colour, light and hope in a new year that is just beginning.

Don’t miss it and come to live up this event in Madeira! 

madeira new year celebration

London – England

Why? London is a special place at the turn of the year. The city is lit up and establishments across the capital will pull out all the stops to make this New Year’s Eve in London a memorable one. So, get your nearest and dearest together and say cheers to 2019. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, London’s night skies will be a blaze of light and colour with a display of stunning pyrotechnics from the river on London’s famous South Bank, presented by the Mayor of London and Unicef. 


London continues to usher in the New Year on 1 January with the New Year’s Day Parade. This year marks the 30th annual parade to march through London and there will be 8,500 performers representing 20 countries world-wide and from across the London Boroughs, including marching bands, cheerleaders, clowns, acrobats and much more.

Berlin Germany

Why? Berlin is celebrating New Year’s Eve in style – with around one million visitors gathering at the Brandenburg Gate to welcome in 2019! All the traditional treats are lined up – more than two kilometres of fun stages for shows, party tents, light and laser shows as well as a mass of food and drink stands. The spectacular firework display starts at midnight on the dot – like the clinking of glasses as Berliners and visitors toast the New Year in. The following parties will last well into the small hours!

Paris France

Why? The Eiffel Tower, the Seine, the bridges of Paris… a magical setting for a New Year celebration. And for a night you’ll never forget, there is a special festive menu (scallop céviche, duckling breast, Christmas Log) and entertainment from a live orchestra. Please note that guests must be dressed appropriately to board the boat.  

Edinburgh Scoltland

Where? Princes Street in the heart of the city of Edinburgh

Why? Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is one of the biggest and best New Year celebrations in the world. Things get underway on 30 December with the spectacular Torchlight Procession. Join thousands of torch carriers as they create a river of fire from the historic Royal Mile to the son et lumiére and fireworks finale on Calton Hill.

On Hogmanay itself, the action moves to Princes Street in the very heart of the city of Edinburgh beneath the spectacular backdrop of Edinburgh Castle. Around 80,000 people party their way into the new year at the Concert in the Gardens featuring incredible live music and entertainment from headlining band Biffy Clyro, DJ’s, giant screens, outdoor bars and of course, the world-famous Edinburgh Hogmanay Midnight Fireworks on the castle ramparts

Hardy enough to loiter in city streets when it’s 40 degrees and drizzly? Boy, has Scotland got an outdoor festival for you. Locals spend the three-day year-end celebration Hogmanay outside, beginning December 30, when a procession of torch-carrying partiers walk from Parliament Square to Calton Hill for a mighty fireworks display.

Round 2 goes down on the 31st, when street parties and music festivals dominate the daytime, and 4.5 tons of fireworks over Edinburgh castle dominate the night. This culminates in what some claim is the world’s largest rendition of “Auld Lang Syne,” sung by literally everyone pouring out of the city’s bars. New Year’s Day brings more outdoor rigors: a run down the Royal Mile, a polar plunge into the River Forth, or the traditional dog sled race.

edinburgh scotland new year celebration

Porto – Portugal

Where? Avenida dos Aliados, in front of the Porto City Hall.


Why? New Year’s Eve in Porto can be celebrated in several locations around the city.

On December 31st, there are many street parties and more elaborate programs that serve as options for the thousands of tourists that choose to celebrate the New Year in Porto.

The largest party takes place on Avenida dos Aliados, in front of the Porto City Hall.

This is where the largest number of people gather together and the night always features musical entertainment and fireworks. 

However, if you prefer, you can spend New Year’s Eve in a different manner: on board one of the various cruise ships that fill the Douro River on this night, for example.

Porto’s nightclubs, on the other hand, prolong the night’s excitement until dawn.

Brussels Belgium

Why? Experience delirious tourist and cultural activities such as the Atomium and the Manneken Pis. Discover the charming city streets of the Fashion District shopping, packed with clothing and concept stores and a variety of authentic and trendy bars, each with their own selection of renowned Belgian beers. More than 60 DJs in 15 New Year’s Eve parties around the city. A range of parties for all tastes, going from rock ‘n’ roll, hip-hop to house and techno, as well as gay friendly parties for which Brussels is known for.” 

new year celebration in brussels

Dubrovnik Croatia

Where? Stradun (the main street of Dubrovnik).


Why? You can arrive in Dubrovnik from all the corners of the earth. You can leave it for the most different corners of the earth too, but you can also come back to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is not a city for one time, it’s a gift for a lifetime.

dubrovnik new years eve

Vienna Austria

Where? City Hall Square and in the Prater 


Why? At the change of year, the whole of Vienna is given over to partying and dancing. The New Year’s Eve Trail in the Old City is the highlight. A great ambience can be enjoyed as much at a gala dinner or festive ball as it can at a concert, the opera, in a hip club or a sophisticated bar.

vienna new year's eve party

Rome Italy

Where? Imperial Forum


Why? The province of Rome is a matching frame for the many treasures of the capital, and the surrounding area has, more or less directly, experienced the influence of the history of the Eternal City. Rome is probably one of the most romantic places for your New Year’s Eve, the Eternal City of love.

Reykjavik Iceland

Where? Although there are no official city sponsored events, there are plenty of private parties and smaller happenings going on all over the city


Why? New Year’s Eve in Reykjavik is an exratordinary experience, especially given the fact that there are no official firework displays in the city. This legendary night is very much created by the people of Reykjavik who collectively do an amazing job. At 23:35 a brilliant display of fireworks is unleashed as 200,000 people (approx.the population of Reykjavík) set off around 500 tons of fireworks. After midnight, the nightclubs and pubs remain open and the celebrations go on well into the morning.

new year's eve in iceland reykjavik

Gdansk Poland

Where? All around the city!

Why? There is no other place like Gdansk. Other cities can just resemble Gdansk. Its unique location and over a thousand years’ history shape Gdansk’s expressive and distinctive character and give it strong and implicit recognition among European cities. Nonetheless, the city holds an abundance of mysteries; it has got its own spirit which makes it impossible to mistake Gdansk for any other place.

new year's eve in gdansk

Stockholm Sweden

Where? Skansen open-air museum in Stockholm.

Why? Like many other festive occasions in Sweden, the New Year has become increasingly dominated by the traditional offerings of the media.

Each year ends with a live broadcast from the Skansen open-air museum in Stockholm, where the bells chime and a New Year’s verse (interestingly enough by the British poet Lord Alfred Tennyson) is solemnly declaimed to the nation. There’s something nice and secure about rounding off the year in front of the TV in your living room.

Many, however, prefer the cold night air. Those who are not lucky enough to live in a town flat with a view, tend to seek out public places at midnight from where they can fire off rockets and sneak a look at other people’s firework displays.

You stand there, enveloped in your heavy winter coat, gazing open-mouthed as the horizon − whether high-rise buildings in silhouette or a sparse line of pine-trees − comes alight, flashing and crackling.

new year's eve in stockholm

Lisbon Portugal

Where? The Terreiro do Paço. From 9pm (metro station: Terreiro do Paço).

Why? On December 31st Lisbon dresses up to welcome the New Year. Thousands of people fill the city main streets and public squares to celebrate amongst the New Year friends. 

The Terreiro do Paço will be the giant party hall for the city’s New Year’s celebrations featuring lots of entertainment to mark the passage into the New Year.

Lisboa has begun the countdown to its big New Year’s Eve night, which will be held in Terreiro do Paço. But this New Year’s Eve promises much more. To mark the entry of the New Year Lisboa’s skies will light up with a fabulous fireworks display and musical entertainment.

Do not make any more plans for New Year … and enter Lisboa’s largest “living room”, Terreiro do Paço, with a fabulous view of the River Tagus and the best Portuguese music.

new year's eve in lisbon

Goa India

Goa. the party destination for party fanatics in India is one place where people from across the country go to ring in the New Year. The beaches, the shacks, the in numerous watering holes and the luxurious hotels with food that is set to blow your mind off. If you’re planning on visiting the party capital of Goa, then there’s no better place to do so that Goa. Take your pals along, drink the night away or just laze around the beaches and say hello to 2019 in style.

When it comes to places to celebrate New Year in India, we suggest you don’t miss out on this one.

Mumbai-  India

The city that never sleeps is very adventurous when it comes to celebrating New Years in the city. From fireworks on display to extravagantly indulging parties and adventure, Mumbai has it all.


The city is known to come alive during the time. If you’re not up for something lavish, then enjoy with your friends and loved ones at a house party. Enjoy a drink, sip on some love and as the countdown begins, look up towards the sky for the way the city lights up with fireworks. If you are the party kind then head to one of the many parties that the lavish hotels organize here, who knows, you may spot a celebrity here. Mumbai is a great place to celebrate New Year in India, and for a good reason, the gorgeous Arabian Sea, the glimmering and dazzling moonlit skies make for a very romantic night to celebrate the New Year.

Manali –  India

Manali most definitely comes on our list of the best places to celebrate New Year in India. Regardless of the fact that you’re a fan of the whole raving scenario or you would just like to ring in the New Year grasping the good vibes of the mountains, Manali is a great off-beat destination to celebrate New Year in India. Take a stroll in Old Manali, have some super hot mountain wali Maggi or sip on some hot chocolate and feel the warmth seep through to your senses.

new year's eve in manali

Kasol – India

If you’re looking for off-beat destinations to celebrate New Year in India, this one is something you shouldn’t miss. For those living around Delhi, this is an excellent option for a good old road trip to the hills.


Besides, the wondrous lands of Kasol combine the best of all worlds. This quaint little city has parties along with mountains and rivers giving you a perfect way to place celebrate New Year in India. Chill around or just bask in the glory of the gorgeous Himachali wonderland.

Regardless of what you choose to do, Kasol is a great place to explore during New Years or even otherwise.


Kodaikanal, the princess of Hill Stations is a popular honeymoon and tourist destination in Southern India. The misty hill station is surrounded by the Nilgiri Mountain range, this chilly place is most definitely a must visit during the winters.

The coffee here is absolutely delicious, owing to it’s Tamil Nadu origin. The mesmerizing mighty mountains, the breathtaking lakes and the lush greenery surrounding the entire hill station makes this place look something out of a fairy tale. Adding to this, Kodai has a magical and mystical charm during Christmas and New Years. We totally recommend the place for you to celebrate New Years with your friends and family.

new year's eve in kodaikanal


The rock capital of India is the new party destination in India. Shillong in Meghalaya is blessed with mesmerizing waterfalls, crystal clear skies, and attractive mountain views. As it receives heavy rainfall, the greenery around will leave you spellbound. It’s a paradise for nature lovers and photographers.

Shillong has numerous places to visit and one can indulge in a lot of adventure activities too. This pretty as a picture place is good for those on a shoestring budget and seeking for a cold place to celebrate New Year in India.

So, put up some tents in one of the sprawling meadows in the region and have your very own festivities here.

Lakshadweep Islands

Thinking of a nice beach vacay? Think Lakshadweep. You heard us right. A few islands have been opened in Lakshadweep recently that was uninhabited for the longest time. The islands have some of the most beautiful beaches to display and the islands are supremely majestic. So, if you and your beloved want to explore these supremely beautiful beaches, then New Year is a good time.

A cozy and intimate time is what we guarantee here. So if you and your loved one are up for something out of the blue lagoon movie, this would be it. Out of all the places to celebrate New Year in India, this one is for the lovebirds, folks!


Speaking of offbeat destinations to celebrate New Year in India, how about ringing in the New Year at a Desert? Yes, you heard us right, the gorgeous city of Jaisalmer is more than just sand dunes.

The Golden city of Rajasthan gives you the adventure that you crave for. Go camping or get a glimpse of the very beautiful milky way or just go on a camel safari. So, as you binge on the delicious Rajasthani cuisine, and get to experience what wintry nights in the desert are like, this is an offbeat destination when it comes to places to celebrate New Year in India.


Situated in the very beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh, Mcleodganj is the new party destination when it comes to the best New Year parties in India. The chilly winds, the music of the mountain trees and the warm and welcoming locals, will make you see the warmth of the entire place. Mcleodganj sees flocks of people all through the year, what makes this a great New Year visit is the unending way you can explore the gorgeous city. So, regardless of whether you choose to eat some momos from the streets, or hang out at the hippie café this is a great place to celebrate New Year in India.


Gangtok is one of Northeast India’s major tourist destinations, and without doubt among the best places for new years in India. The city, covered in snow, looks stunning. You can spend the new year’s eve 2019 skiing or snowboarding. And when the night is about to kick in, head to any of the happening parties in local pubs and bars.

new year's eve in gangtok
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